My final year of Computer Engineering in Espoo

At the moment I am completing my studies of Computer Engineering at Evitech in Espoo, which is near Helsinki in Finland.

On Monday, 23rd of August I arrived together with a fellow from the Fachhochschule Osnabrück, by ship in Helsinki. We are staying until the end of May 2000, which correspondence to two semesters. During this time I will study Computer Engineering at Evitech in Espoo and also do my diploma work, so that I finish the year with the Bachelor of Engineering.

We are having a 3 rooms flat, which we share with another german student from Munich. This flat is less than 10 minutes walk from Evitech and located in the center of Leppävaara.

My address in Espoo is :
Horst Ehrnsberger
Timpurinkuja 1a3
02600 Espoo
Tel. +358 9 5121625
Fax +49 69 791235459
email horst@ehrnsberger.de

The cheapest ways to call to Finland from Germany are :

It is a bit more expensive to call from Finland to Germany.

I am presentlt doing my diploma work at Terranova.

Some pictures, which I made here can be found here : pictures
Off course there are already some pictures with a lot of snow ...

I am planing to visit Germany at the end of December 1999 and I will probably be back from Finland at the end of May 2000.

This is a table, showing, where I will be during the next year :

August 1999 September 1999 Oktober 1999 November 1999 Dezember 1999
Espoo (Finnland) Espoo Espoo Espoo Espoo / Wallenhorst (Germany)
in Espoo from 22.8.   Tina in Finland   visit to Germany from the 18.12.1999 - 9.1.2000
Januar 2000 Februar 2000 März 2000 April 2000 Mai 2000
Espoo Espoo Espoo Espoo Espoo / Wallenhorst
  Holidays in Lapland Jokkl in Finland, Antje in Finland Rainer & Sylve in Finland, Claudie in Finland return to Wallenhorst at the end of the month

Links : First pictures More pictures from Helsinki Terranova "Party" at the 26.10.
  Pictures with Tiina 1 Pictures with Tiina 2 Pictures from Lahti 1 Pictures from Lahti 2
  Some snow photos Some more snow photos Even more snow photos Skiing in Himos
  Visit to Germany 1 Visit to Germany 2 Skiing near Helsinki Ice skating with the exchange students
  Visit to Lapland 1 Visit to Lapland 2 Visit from Jokkl Visit from Antje
  Molly Mallones Visit from Claudie Home EVITech

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